Discover a World Full of Delicious Temptations

We are the go-to specialty shop for all those that are looking for variety and authentic baked goods, cheeses, deli meats and pastries. Our pastry counter is a world of delicious temptations. We knead and bake our bread and pizzas onsite daily. Our beautiful display counter is brimming imported and local products such as deli meats, cheeses and take-out ready meals. A true delight for your taste buds!

Catering Menus

à la carteMenu

Our À la carte menu boasts a wealth of choices in order to satisfy all preferences. Choose from our high-quality options and create a custom menu for your special event.

Proposed OptionMenus

Pâtisserie St-Martin has a delicious catering menu of proposed options for events of all sizes and budgets. Our selection includes the highest quality food, certain to delight your guests.


Wedding Cake

Our specialties

Special occasion

Choose one of our St-Martin specialty cakes and we’ll be happy to customize it to highlight your special occasion. We can create succulent custom cakes for any special occasion, such as weddings, anniversaries, marriages, births, first communions, and graduation ceremonies. Your guests will not be able to resist taking a second piece!

Bakery and Viennoiseries

Ready to Eat

Pâtisserie St-Martin has a delicious variety of meals to eat onsite or for take away. Our meals which change daily are inspired by the bounty of the season and the whim of the chef.

Gourmet Foods

Pâtisserie St-Martin offers an impressive selection, full of authentic and traditional products imported from Italy, in addition to a few local gastronomic favourites.